123coolbox is easy to build 
123coolbox's specially-designed panels easily lock together using simple levers. It can be flat-packed for a cost effective return journey and re-used for continued airfreight.

Step 01
Laybase panel on the floor and position the for A-B side panels into the grooves, aligning the small levers. Secure the panels by rotating the levers through 90 degrees

Step 02
Slot the 1-piece C-D middle panel onto the assembled side panels and secure the four lower small levers by rotating through 90 degrees

Step 03
Repeat step #01 using four E-F side panels to assemble the top layer

Step 04
Position the lid panel and  rotate the four small levers through 90 degrees until the lid is secured

Step 05 
To flat-pack, remove all panels and slot the middle section on to the base. Fit the short side panel (A-B or C-D) into the longer U-Shaped panel, place inside the unit and replae lid